• Dr. Daria Love, ND

It Takes a Community to Feed a Community

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Everdale is a non-profit charitable community teaching farm in Hillsburgh, Ontario. With over 20,000 people in Guelph and Wellington County facing food insecurity, Everdale has partnered with East Wellington Community Services, The Seed and food banks in the area to develop the Good Food Project.

Addressing Community Food Insecurity

As a working farm, Everdale produces fresh, seasonal foods that are part of healthy food boxes distributed within the broader community to those in need. In addition, Everdale has made a commitment to addressing and ending food insecurity in the community through the following means:

  • Training programs to educate sustainable farming practices through their Sustainable Farming Certificate Program and Farm Planner course.

  • Partnering with health agencies to make good food part of the shared health care system, beginning with Guelph Community Health Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Centre.

  • Offering restorative on-farm experiences, to promote mental and physical health.

  • Teaching youth the life-long food skills they need to promote health and well-being. Everdale’s Farm Camp programs have supported more than 40,000 young people to grow, prepare and share good food.