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Our vision

NEST is dedicated to protecting and promoting the health of all living beings, communities and the natural environment through sustainable and socially conscious strategies.  Members are guided by naturopathic principles, and join NEST as an act of service to the wider world.  

We value

  1. Naturopathic principles. The actions of NEST are an expression of the naturopathic principles that we have committed to uphold.

  2. Collaboration both within and beyond our profession. Our focus is on vulnerable individuals, populations and communities, and we seek to learn from the experience of others.  

  3. Sustainability. All action taken must be sustainable for the community, the individual and for NEST.  We are mindful of our personal and collective balance and self-care, and act from a place of active hope.

  4. Evidence-informed practice. We look to high quality evidence to guide our actions, which must be relevant and inclusive of the individuals and communities that we serve.

Underlying assumptions

  1. Naturopathic Medicine recognizes the interconnection and interdependence of all living beings, the health and survival of which is dependent on a healthy planet. Degradation of natural resources compromises the Earth’s ability to provide an environment for optimal health; a re-connection between people and the natural elements that surround them is key for establishing the conditions for health and wellness.

  2. Food is medicine. Healthy, affordable, nutrient-dense food is fundamental for optimal health and well-being. Industrial food systems compromise access to affordable food for vulnerable citizens while creating economic and environmental strain within the global food chain. We support sustainable agricultural systems.

  3. All human beings have the right to the basic necessities for good health. Lack of access to the core determinants of health, including poverty, hunger and lack of adequate housing, is a significant contributor to the major causes of morbidity and mortality world-wide. Vulnerable individuals, communities, creatures, environments are first and most dramatically affected by system breakdown, whether ecological, political or economic. 

  4. Indigenous people have a powerful wisdom and worldview from which we can learn about stewardship and connection to the land and other living beings. We recognize and honour Indigenous communities for providing the insight, vision, and continued understanding that we, our ancestors and our descendants are part of and depend on a healthy planet.  

  5. We acknowledge the elders of the naturopathic profession for their pursuit of docere: learning, teaching, and connecting others to the healing power of nature.

Mission statements

  1. We promote the strong role of Naturopathic Doctors in promoting health justice and improving our environment by collaborating with, supporting and endorsing other organizations who share our values and mission.

  2. We engage legislators and political organizations to shape policies and decisions to address environmental and social justice issues and reduce environmental degradation/deterioration.

  3. We provide evidence-informed education to our own profession, other health professions, the public and organizations that serve them, and encourage the generation and dissemination of high quality knowledge.

Vision, Values, Assumptions and Mission: About Us
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