Although every day is Earth Day, the spring is a nice reminder to care for our Mother.

Visit our REWILDING resources to care for all our relations.

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Naturopathic Doctors for Environmental and Social Trust (NEST) is dedicated to promoting the health of all living beings, communities and the environment through sustainable and socially conscious strategies.  Members are guided by naturopathic principles, and join NEST as an act of service to the wider world.

The land on which the members of NEST live, work and play is the traditional territory of many Indigenous nations, both recorded and unrecorded.  Many of these lands are subject to treaties that were signed under coercive and dishonest conditions; many of these lands have never been ceded to colonial powers.  NEST looks to the traditional stewards of Turtle Island for guidance how to best share this land and its resources equitably in order to preserve its riches for future generations.


NEST is proud to be an affiliate member of: