How Youth are Tackling Food Waste One Bite at a Time

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Reducing food waste is about more than landfill diversion and the associated reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s also about preserving the natural resources needed to grow, produce, transport and prepare our food - in getting it from farm to fork. Reducing food loss and waste is one of the top solutions to reverse global warming. Re-examining our food system through this lens requires us to take a good, hard look at how we value our food, our planet and each other.

Up to one third of all food is spoiled or squandered before it is consumed,” the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization says. “It is an excess in an age where almost a billion people go hungry.” We must embrace the challenge to create a better, more equitable and sustainable world. It’s time to do things differently.

But how do we empower more people to engage in behaviour change for sustainability? Angelina La, a University of Waterloo Environmental Studies graduate and Energy Management Intern at Halton Region, is part of a new group stepping up to help answer that call.

La is Team Lead at Waste Watchers, a youth-led, youth-serving group working in conjunction with Youth Challenge International and in partnership with Second Harvest, to engage youth to take action on food waste in the GTHA. Andrea Stephens, Regional Coordinator at Drawdown Toronto sat down with La to get her thoughts on this innovative project.